154 S. Main Street

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Historic Non-Contributing
Year Built:

This one story commercial building is rectangular in plan and has a flat roof with a corbelled parapet. The building is constructed of brick and has a wood retail base. There is double row of multi-light transom windows above a cement block bay. The entry is recessed between full height pilasters and the cornice is sheet metal. The retail base and front elevation have been altered. The building faces east on South Main Street and is in fair condition. The 1884 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map indicates that a grocery store was located in the building. By 1890 Bice and Calbreath owned and operated a furniture store in the building. The 1888 Business Directory indicates that Seth W. Allen operated a furniture store in the building after Bice and Calbreath. In 1913 Clint Moore and Dean Walker operated a furniture store on the southern half of the building and a stoves, crockery and tinware store was located on the northern half. The business was owned by Addision and Moore in the 1920's and then by Addision from 1935 until 1958. Byers Furniture was located in the building in the late 1950's and 1960's.   


EC= Eligible/ Contributing

NHD= Listed in the Historical District

Tillery, Merit & Ollie, Building

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154 S. Main Street154 S. Main StreetApproximately 1910 photo1935?