235 S. Main Street

2012 photo
Year Built:

This two story commercial building is rectangular in plan and has a flat roof with falsefront capped with tile. Stucco and vertical wood panel sheath the exterior. The windows are fixed pane commercial, and there is a recessed entry way. The storefront has been altered and vertical wood panels added. The building faces east on Main Street and is in fair condition. An historic photo shows the building as being occupied by a meat market around 1910. It retained it's historic function through the years. Holecheck Meat Market occupied the building from 1935 until 1950. At one time Nedrey's restaurant was located in the building.


EC= Eligible/ Contributing

NHD= Listed in Historic District

Comments: Separate buildings are now adjoined to house one business. Formerly in database as 223-227 S Main St.
1950s storefront remodel

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235 S. Main Street