41 S. 4th Street

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Historic Non-Contributing
Year Built:

This one and one half story residence is T shaped in plan and has an intersecting gable roof with a bellcast gable and exposed rafters. The roof is covered with composition shingles. Fire retardant shingles sheath the exterior. A wood shirt covers the foundation. Aluminum sliding windows have replaced the original windows. The front porch has a hip roof and is presently boarded over. The building is currently undergoing major remodeling. There is a carport to the east which is a later addition. The building faces west on South Fourth Street and is in poor condition.

The building was occupied by Maershall Pengra in 1920 until the early 1930's. Pengra was the manager of the Independence Sand and Gravel Company.


NC= Not Eligible/ Non-Contributing

NHD= Listed in Historic District 

Comments: Enclosed front porch, aluminum windows, heavy alterations.
Added garages, large NC outbuilding.

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41 S. 4th Street