475 South E Street

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This house sits on a large quarter of a block corner lot at 5th and E. This asymmetric one and half story house is multi gabled with hung sash with architrave molding. The gables on the north elevation ... round headed windows. There is a bay window on the north elevation with flared walls. There are imbricated shingles, eave brackets, and cannon ball panels. The front porch has carved brackets with 2 x 2 frieze and turned posts. The vertical panel front door has unusual flash glass panel. The foundation is brick, which was added in 1984.

The associated brick garage was remodeled recently on the north elevation, and has been used by the Hoffman family to sell flour from their mill as well as fruits and vegetable.

Mr. Hoffman was a mining engineer who worked out of state mainly in Alaska. During his frequent absemces, Mrs. Hoffman would trtavel by steamboat to Portland where she remained for the whole opera season. She was a noted record collector and at the time of her death, reportedly had all the opera records available.

She had the first grand piano in Independence. Both Mr. and Mrs. Hoffman were highly educated.

Mrs. Hoffman was a native plant horticulturist and designed and planted their yard which originally was the entire half block. The perimeter hedge and trees and believed to have been planted by Mrs. Hoffman.

Associated with this property is the Independence-Monmouth Railway Track which ran directly in front of this house on its journey westward from Monmouth OR. During the early 1900's. The original curbing for this train only exists in this location.

Alterations include brick foundation, shed style dormer of west elevation and enclosed porch on east elevation. The house is curently being restored and is in good condition.


EC= Eligible/ Contributing

NHD= Listed in Historic District

Comments: Apparent restoration underway in surveys on 8/10/12 and 8/7/2014.
Intact windows; new porch on 2nd floor, rear elevation.

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475 South E Street