489 S. 2nd Street

ca. 1900
Year Built:

This two and one half story residence is rectangular in plan with additions. There is a truncated hip roof with exposed rafters covered with composition shingles. There is a central gable dormer on the front elevation. Shiplap siding with cornerboards sheaths the exterior. A wooden watertable caps the concrete foundation. The windows are one over one double hung wood sash. There is a porch covered with a hip roof and supported by square wooden posts on the front elevation. The building faces west on the corner of South Second Street and "E" Street and is in good condition. The Dunkel Apartments was originally built as a school in 1880. It represents the oldest school building remaining in Independence. Sometime prior to 1902 the building was moved from the original site on the NE coner of 4th and "C" Streets to its present site, converted and enlarged into the Dunckel Apartments around 1920. They also owned the Independence Laundry located on "E" Street.

This property is now vacant.


EC= Eligible/ Contributing

NHD= Listed in Historic District 


Comments: Former EC c. 1880 Dunckel Apartments on the west end of the lot were demolished in 1991. Original survey recorded it as a 2.5-
story vernacular building with horizontal board siding. It was built as a school in 1880 on the NE corner of 4th and C St., then moved to 489
S 2nd St prior to 1902. It was enlarged and converted into apartments in 1920. See nomination for more information.
Current survey info above reflects building on east end of lot.

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489 S. 2nd Streetphoto courtesy of Independence Heritage Museumphoto courtesy of Independence Heritage Museum