555 F Street

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Year Built:
Colonial Revival

This is one and a half story home that is symmetrical both front to back and side to side. It has a central gable running front to back with dormers of both the north and south elevations. There is a one story shed roof on the north and south elevations. There is a one story shed roof on the north elevation and matching shed roof that forms the porch on the front elevation. The original center brick chimney has been placed by a metalbetos chimney. It has a concrete block foundation. The windows are single hung one over one. Until recently this house was in very poor condition but is currently undergoing renovation.

This is the only Dutch Colonial style house in Independence. It was built by Dane Purvine, a contractor of note in the Independence area (he built the spurling building at 114 S Main Street, the Southern addition to the Masonic Lodge at 301 S Main Street and the George Kutch house at 760 S Main; all in the City of Independence National Register District Nomination. When Mr. Purvine built this house it was a cause of consternation in the neighborhood. People felt it was a barn, and therefore fit for animal but not human habitation.

For many years this home was occupied by the Guild family. Mrs. (Lois) Guild was THE LIBRARIAN for the City of Independence for many years. She ran a "very tight ship" and took no nonsense from anyone. She loved flowers and had many in their yard, including many specimen plants.


NC= Not Eligible/ Non-Contributing

NHD= Listed in Historic District

Comments: Hardi-plank and Board-and-Batten siding; vinyl windows; NC detached garage

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555 F Street555 F Street