614 S 5th

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Year Built:
Gothic Revival

This one and a half story Gothic Revival features a T-plan with an intersecting gable roof with composition shingle roof. There is a corbelled brick chimney at the west elevation. North and South elevations have single story shed style roofs that make the lower floor rectangular. The windows are double hung one over one with architrave moldings. The siding is wide ship-lap with rake and corner boards. There is a water table and the foundation is concrete block. The front porch has a hip roof and small square posts with decorative brackets. There is an associated matching building with gabled roof, ship-lap siding and matching frieze and corner boards located adjacent to the house on the north elevation. This house occupies a prominent position at the SW corner of 5th & F and is in excellent condition. There are to large maple trees on the north right of way that appear to be part of an early 20th century planting. This house and the house to the immediate south  are identical and once were owned and built by the same person. The house is in excellent condition and a white blanket fence has been recently added. It is in keeping with the style and same period of this house and neighborhood. An early resident of this house was the McKinney family and Mr. McKinney was a janitor at Henry Hill Grade School for many years.


EC= Eligible/ Contributing

NHD= Listed in Historic District

Comments: Wood sash windows with storm windows; EC carriage house with vinyl windows, EC detached shed.

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614 S 5th 614 S 5th