887 Monmouth Street

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Year Built:
Gothic Revival

This one and on ehalf story residence is T-shaped in plan. It has an intersecting gable roof with a central gable and composition shingles. Narrow shiplap siding with cornerboards and wide bargeboards sheath the exterior. The windows are one over one double hung wood sash with a projecting cornice. There is a wrap around hip roof porch with a decorative frieze, brackets and turned posts. The front porch has been altered and a door replaced with a window in the central gable. The windows on the front facade have been shortened, a polygonal bay window added to the west elevation and shutters added. The building faces north on the corner of Monmouth and South Ninth Street and is in good condition.

There is a carriage house now used as a garage associated with the structure.

The building was constructed by the John E. Davidson family in 1880. Davidson was born in Barron County, Kentucky in 1823 and moved to Oregon from Illinois in 1850. Davidson, along with a partner, have been credited with building the first business house in Independence. After returning from the Cayuse  War, Davidson recieved his medical diploma from Willamette University in 1868. Davidson sold a portion of his donation Land Claim to Francis and Caroline Patterson in 1881 and Patterson platted Patterson's Addition to Independence in 1881. The building has had many subsequent owners over the years including Alfred Dlickinger, 1896-1901; E.M. and Ellis Young, 1901-1908; the Dawes Family, 1908-1943;John and Faith Black, 1942-1943; Cecil and Maxine Black, 1943-1953; Elmer Albert Katter, 1953-1960; Raay Strong Jr. 1960-1968; August Pope, 1968-1969; Leslie and Marion Kelly, 1969-1978 and Andrew and Betty Lou Newberg, 1978-present. The building is currently listed on the National Historic Register of Historic Places.


ES= Eligible/ Significant

NRB= Listed Individually and with Historic District

Davidson, Dr John E & Mary D, House Comments: Side addition; 8/1 and fixed w.s. windows. EC brick cold house, EC outbuilding.
In process of being renovated/restored 8/07/2014.

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887 Monmouth Street887 Monmouth Street