About the Historic District

The Independence Historic District was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1989.  At that time, the properties within the Historic District were classified as contributing or non-contributing buildings based on a number of considerations including:  building style, type and number of alterations, building materials, setback and number of stories.  Architectural styles found within the district include Victorian, Gothic, Craftsman, Italianite, Spanish Colonial and more.


Property Classifications


Primary Sigificant Contribution (P):  Structures are classified as Primary if they were built in or before 1904, and reflect the building styles and traditions characteristic of this period of development.  These buildings represent the primary period of construction and development in Independence from initial settlement through 1904.


Secondary Significant Contributing (S):  Structures are classified as Secondary if they were built in or between 1905 and 1940.  Also buildings from the primary building period are classified as Secondary if they have been altered so they reflect styles from the secondary building period.


Historic Non-Contributing (HNC):  Structures are classified as Non-Contributing if they were built during either the primary or secondary periods of construction but have been so altered over time that the contributing elements (siding, windows, massing, entrances, and roof) have been lost or concealed.


Non-Compatible Non-Contributing (NCNC):  Structures are classified as Non-Compatible Non-Contributing if they were built after 1940 and are incompatible architecturally (i.e. scale, materials, use) with the significant structures and the historic character of the district.


Historic Homeowners


If your historic resource is located within the Independence Historic District (see Historic District Map and/or Historic Building List*) or your historic resource is located outside the Historic District but has been designated by the city as a historic landmark, the exterior alterations requirement applies to you.  All actions for exterior alteration, removal or demolition of a historic resource or new construction within a historic district shall be initiated by submission of a request for Certificate of Appropriateness.  This includes demolitions of all structures within the city over 75 years old, whether or not they are in the Historic District.  Applications for review by the HPC must be submitted at least thirty (30) days in advance of the next regularly scheduled public meeting of the HPC unless waived by the city when legal notice can be otherwise achieved.


*The Historic Building List is intended to cover all buildings within the Historic District as well as homes on the Oregon National Register List.  In some cases, a building may not be listed if it was built after 1989.  This does not alter the owner's responsibility for any building located within the Historic District.


For additional information on the Independence Historic Distric, Oregon's Special Assessment Program and Historic Property Tax Incentives for residential and commercial buildings, please see the Historic District website.