City Park; 7th and C Streets

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Year Built:

The park encompasses a city block and is located on the Northwest corner of Seventh and C Streets. The park is heavily planted with Oak and some fir trees. The northern portion of the park is more open in nature and is the site of the children's play equipment and the location of a earlier gazebo. The park is bordered on the west and north by Ash Creek, the east by Seventh Street and to the south by "C" Street. There is a gravelled parking lot associated with the park to the south.

The land for the park was purchased from Mrs. Dorcas Whiting on August 4th, 1896 by the City. The City originally wanted to purchase the propert for $555.57 on a note dated May 12, 1896, but Mrs. Whiting waned cash for the property. The city secured a loan for the land in August of the same year and purchased the park site. The park has been a gathering place for the City's residents for many years.


EC= Eligible/ Contributing

NHD= Listed in Historic District

City Park Comments: No buildings. Play structures, benches, picnic tables.