Historic Preservation Commission

The Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) has the responsibility to protect significant elements of Independence History; enhance the visual character of the city, foster public appreciation of and civic pride in the beauty of the city and the accomplishments of the past.

The HPC consists of seven (7) members who are appointed by the Mayor and subject to confirmation by the City Council.  The regular public meetings for the HPC are held on the third Tuesday of each month at 4:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers at the Independence Civic Center.

The HPC is responsible for reviewing exterior alterations to historic resources to encourage the preservation of characteristics which led to its designation as a historic resource.  Review is required for all exterior alterations or additions to historic resources.  Historic review is not required for interior alterations or for repair, maintenance, and replacement with comparable materials, or a change in paint color, nor is review required where there is no change in appearance or material composition, from the existing structure.

The HPC uses the Secretary of the Interior's Standards of Rehabilitation as guidelines in determining whether the proposed alteration meets the review criteria.

The Historic Preservation ordinance, Chapter 15.8, is applicable to all properties in the Independence Historic District and to all historic resources located outside the Historic District which have been designated by the city as historic landmarks.  This includes historic resources such as building, site, object, fence, sign, tree or structure of architectural, historic or archeological significance.