Restoration Resources

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Old houses are beautiful and they have a character all their own.  They also can come with maintenance and repair issues that are different than more modern houses.


This section of the website attempts to provide resources for the historic homeowner to thoughtfully and properly repair and maintain their historic property - as a home for them and a resource for the community.


Some basic resources are listed below. 


More specific resource areas include:


National Park Service Preservation Briefs


Looking for guidance on how to deal with your historic building?  These briefs offer detailed information on a wide variety of topics, from maintaining exteriors, to heating and cooling, energy efficiency and roofing.  They also offer practical information on topics like making buildings ADA accessible, removing graffitti, and preserving stucco.  If you have a project on a historic home or commercial building.  Check these briefs for excellent information to help you with your project.




Wood Window Repair or Replacement?


Wood windows are one of the key character defining features of historic homes, but they can also be in poor condition and leak air and water.  What can we do about this?




Sustainability in Historic Homes


Yes, it is possible to retain the historic features of a home while enhancing the sustainability and energy efficiency of the building.  Take a look




Looking for Replacement Parts?


 Here is a list of area resources for finding historic building materials and fixtures.




Contractors Specializing in Historic Preservation


The State Historic Preservation Office has a list of contractors who specialize in remodeling and preservation of historic buildings.  The list is broken into categories (ie: masonry, finish carpentry, window restoration, etc.).  Additionally ,several local historic building owners compiled a list of local contractors that they have used on their projects.  This list is attached at the bottom of the page. The list provided is a non-comprehensive list of contractors that work on historic buildings and is not a specific endorsement of any contractor, but meant for informational purposes only.




Historic Preservation Tax Credits


Get paid to restore your historic home or commercial building!  Well, at least offset some of the cost of doing a proper restoration. There are a wide variety of programs through the state and federal government to help historic building owners restore their properties.  Learn More