Monmouth Awarded $467,550 for Recreation Park Phase 1 Improvements

Monmouth, Oregon (September 15, 2022) — The Oregon Parks & Recreation Department has awarded the City of Monmouth a grant for $467,550 for Phase 1 Improvements to Monmouth Recreation Park. Utilizing an additional $525,000 from a state legislative allocation, Monmouth will match the OPRD grant funds to complete improvements to Monmouth Recreation Park. This includes reconstructing and expanding the skate park facility from 3,500 sq. ft to 12,000 sq. ft, constructing a new paved pathway to connect the park to nearby neighborhoods, constructing a nature trail with a raised boardwalk designed to minimize wetland impacts, a gazebo ideal for appreciating the native wildlife, and rehabilitating park restrooms to ensure year-round use and compliance with ADA requirements. The existing parking lot will also be rehabilitated to improve the surface conditions and add ADA-compliant accessible parking and marked crosswalk features. Additionally, vegetation will be planted to distinguish a new nature observation area and improve wildlife habitats.

A benefit to both Monmouth and Independence, the renovation of the existing skatepark and surrounding facilities have been a community priority for several years. Once the skatepark funding was secured, the cities sought to leverage that funding to secure additional money to make other improvements to the surrounding park. Furthermore, the City of Monmouth collaborated with the City of Independence to craft and submit the grant application.

Moreover, the MI Town Skatepark Committee has, over the course of the last four years, officially partnered with the City of Monmouth and Monmouth Independence Community Foundation (MICF), secured an official location for the new skate park, raised money to receive the initial conceptual design from Dreamland Skateparks, and initiated fundraising efforts to build the new skate park, and received final construction drawings.

Once given the notice to proceed in the next few months, the City of Monmouth will conduct a request for proposals process to hire contractors that will begin work on the construction of the new and updated park facilities. The project will be managed and supervised by the City of Monmouth Public Works staff.

Through this intergovernmental collaboration, the vision of creating a more vibrant and accessible community for all has come closer to becoming reality.


Skate Park Rendering