Independence Awarded $75,000 for Nature Play Area at Sunset Meadows Park

Independence, Oregon (September 22, 2022) — The Oregon Parks & Recreation Department has awarded the City of Independence a grant for $75,000 to complete a Nature Play Area at Sunset Meadows Park. The project will include installing Nature Play Equipment (currently identified as Climbing Net, Log Crawl, Stepping Logs, Small Swing set with ADA Accessible Swing, Play Canoe, Basalt Crawl, Balance Beam), and seating suitable for light picnicking by small groups such as picnic tables. A safety surface (engineered wood fiber or similar) will also be installed. The installation will include concrete work to tie the project location into the existing trail infrastructure and connect individual site elements.

After the park’s creation through the development of a new subdivision, the city conducted a survey in 2019 that allowed the community to weigh in on the final designs of the park. Phase 1 improvements, such as site grading and trail and stormwater improvements, were completed in 2020 when the park was officially opened. Experiencing rapid residential growth, the Sunset Meadows subdivision is an area that currently connects, via trail system, to another nearby park, Mt. Fir Park, home to Inspiration Garden. The improvements funded by this grant will bring to fruition the vision expressed by the neighborhood, creating an important new amenity for families.

The City of Independence has allocated $50,000 in matching funds from Parks SDC. Once given the notice to proceed in the next few months, the city will conduct a request for proposals process to hire contractors that will begin work on the Nature Play Area. The project will be managed and supervised by the City of Independence Public Works staff.

With this seminal addition to our already established Sunset Meadows Park, creating a connected system of trails and pathways that promote recreation for all will continue to be a key focus for the city in the years to come.


Rendering of Sunset Meadows Park