Have you been curious about what Independence police officers have been up to all month?


The Independence Police Department is sharing a sample of the calls for service each month to inform and educate community members on the work we do.



During February, Officers engaged in over 730 activities, including 36 arrests (adults and juvenile referrals), 22 check welfares, 12 domestic disturbances, 6 hit-and-run crashes, five emotional health calls, and 53 suspicious persons/vehicle calls.


  1.  Officers conducted a traffic stop and discovered the driver had a felony warrant for her arrest and discovered she was illegally carrying a concealed firearm. During the stop, the woman’s boyfriend arrived on the scene, and it was discovered he also had a warrant out for his arrest. The firearm was seized, and both individuals were arrested (see the photo below).
  2. Officers responded to a T-bone crash at the intersection of North Main and Polk Street. The crash also took out the USPS mailbox near the location. After clearing the roadway and ensuring the drivers were safe, officers contacted the United States Postal Service, who took possession of the mail.
  3. Officers responded to a report of a fight between a group of teenagers in front of McDonald’s. The involved juveniles were gone by the time officers arrived, but School Resource Officers continued the investigation and identified the teenagers involved. Officers have noticed an uptick in juvenile fights over the last couple of weeks and are actively working with school staff to help resolve these conflicts.
  4. Officers responded to a report of a vehicle stopped in traffic at 16th Street and Monmouth Street, with callers concerned the driver had fallen asleep. Upon arrival, officers quickly determined the driver and passenger had fallen asleep due to alcohol intoxication. A DUII investigation was conducted, and the driver was arrested. The driver later provided a breath sample, which showed he had a 0.30% BAC, which is over three times the legal limit.
  5. Monmouth Police engaged in a pursuit of a vehicle that drove into Independence. An Independence Police Officer was able to successfully deploy spike strips and assist in getting the vehicle safely stopped. Monmouth Police arrested the driver, who had multiple felony-level warrants for person crimes.
  6. Officers responded to a report of a physical domestic dispute. Upon arrival, one man reported that his friend body-slammed him. and then hugged him. The friend agreed to leave the apartment without further issues.


This is just a sample portion of what your Independence Police Officers do on a monthly basis. Reach out if you need us! We’re here to serve you.