In January, Independence’s F Street Bridge received an Engineering Excellence Honor Award from the American Council of Engineering Companies of Oregon (ACEC Oregon). At the most recent city council meeting, the award was presented to the city, as well as representatives from the Oregon Department of Transportation. ODOT paid for a large portion of the $2.3 million replacement.

“ODOT is honored to be a partner in this project,” said Area Manager Anna Henson. “Anything that can enhance the livability of a community such as Independence—that fits within ODOT’s values.”

The F Street Bridge had become structurally and functionally inadequate, preventing emergency responders from crossing it, and did not meet ADA requirements. A modern structure that supports the transportation infrastructure of the community and enhances the surrounding public spaces – including a unique historic bridge railing system – was designed by engineering firm Otak as its replacement.

As a timber-supported concrete structure on a local collector street, the Ash Creek Bridge was only sufficient to pass light, local traffic. The replacement turns that existing three-span concrete bridge into a single-span prestressed concrete bridge, enhancing the route for local traffic as well as community use. The design introduced new raised sidewalks for bicycle and pedestrian traffic while also including a new urban bridge rail that increases protection for pedestrians without causing a blunt end issue for vehicles. With the addition of low-level pedestrian lighting and ornamental handrails, the bridge was configured to enhance the adjacent Inspiration Garden.

“It’s amazing what can get done when local government and state government work together,” said Mayor McArdle. “We look forward to partnering with ODOT on more projects.”

About ACEC

Founded in 1956, ACEC Oregon (American Council of Engineering Companies of Oregon) is a non-profit business association [501(c)(6)] whose primary goal is to protect the public welfare and advance the professional quality of consulting engineers and land surveyors in private practice.

ACEC Oregon represents about 3,700 employees in Oregon and southwest Washington through approximately 120 consulting engineering and surveying firms of all sizes. There are also about 30 affiliate member firms.