At the meeting of October 2, 2023, the Independence Planning Commission will hold a public hearing to consider a revision to the Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Map, and a change to the Independence Zoning Map. The changes would support the rezoning of a property located at G Street and 3rd Street, directly south of the downtown Mixed-Use Pedestrian Friendly Commercial (MUPC) Zone. The zoning is currently Light Industrial (IL) and Low-Density Residential (RS) and would change to High-Density Residential (RH) or some other designation.

I.          What is the Problem? 

The City of Independence Housing Needs Analysis recommended “identifying targeted areas to rezone for higher density housing” (see Recommendation 1 on page 21).

This recommendation was offered because “there is a very small surplus of capacity in the UGB for townhouse/plex units and multifamily units.” Given the finding, the Housing Needs Analysis recommended that the City ensure that it had land capacity for at least 125% of the projected need associated with multifamily housing.

II.         Proposed Rezone

To address this need (at least in part), staff suggested that the Planning Commission consider rezoning approximately 1.58 acres at 3rd Street and G Street from Light Industrial (IL) and Low-Density Residential (RS) to High-Density Residential (RH). The area proposed to be rezoned includes three separate parcels. The railroad and multifamily housing border the site on the east, and the Mixed-Use Pedestrian Friendly Commercial Zone is adjacent to the north. Low-Density Residential is present directly to the west and south (though apartments are present a block to the south).

Given the proximity of the site to downtown, and the presence of nearby multifamily, the area is well suited for walkable urban, residential development.

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