On June 11, 2024, the Independence City Council adopted the city budget in the amount of $53.9 million, with the addition of a public safety fee included. The public safety fee will begin in January 2025 at a rate of $20/month for the first six months and then be reduced to $17/mo starting July 2025. In July 2026, the public safety fee will be reduced to $10/mo and then be indexed each year in December based on inflation as calculated in the CPU-West Region moving forward.


The public safety fee will stabilize the Independence police department budget, allowing for an increase in officers over time to bring Independence near the national average for a city population of 10,000. This public safety fee will provide $1.06 million annually for our police department.


Moreover, in July the Council will consider whether to place an Arts and Culture Operating Levy on the ballot(s) in 2024-25. If placed on the ballot(s), the Independence community can vote on whether to fund the Independence Public Library, the Independence Heritage Museum, and city parks. If passed, the levy will generate $1.065 million per year and translate to a rate of $1.82/$1,000 assessed value or about $548 per year on a home valued at $300,000. If this levy fails, beginning in the 2025-2026 fiscal year, the city will assess operations to determine how best to close departments that are not funded.


To learn more about the city budget and its process or watch our budget committee meetings, you can visit our webpage here: https://www.ci.independence.or.us/city-budget/