Every fall, the Public Works Department picks up leaves that residents pile in the streets in order to prevent them from clogging storm drains. If you want to have your leaves picked up, please follow collection requirements.

Collection Requirements

  • Use your Yard Debris container from Brandt’s as much as possible. This pickup program is to help those homes with more leaves than the cart can hold.

  • No twigs, branches, or grass clippings – leaves only!

  • Sweep leaves into the street during the weeks listed only. Please do not put them out too early, as they will get very wet and possibly clog the street sweeper and/or the storm sewer system.

  • Leave a 1-foot strip between the curb and leaves, so that rainwater will be able to flow to the storm sewers.

  • If you park your vehicle on the street, leave at least a 5′ gap between your car and the beginning of the pile, so that the sweeper can safely pick up the leaves.