Here is a recap of the work your city council and staff completed at the September 12, 2023 city council meeting:

  • Mayor McArdle made a proclamation recognizing September as Attendance Awareness Month. He noted the importance of a good education for our children and encouraged all children to attend school.
  • The city council approved a mural for a new business located at 240 Monmouth Street (Damn Good Bread). We are always happy to welcome new businesses to the city and excited to see them succeed!
  • Downtown Manager, Courtney Williams, provided an Independence Days after-action report. Despite some challenges, the event was a success including new vendors, fabulous volunteers, compliments on the talent show and the fireworks display, and over 35,000 people in attendance.
  • The council adopted an updated Capital Improvement Plan. The updates included water projects brought forward from the adopted Water Master Plan and a street improvement at 7th and Monmouth. The city’s capital improvement plans provide a roadmap for staff to follow as we plan for necessary improvements and updates to the city’s essential infrastructure.
  • The council discussed an updated SDC fee for transportation to help fund the required street improvements at 7th and Monmouth. The council requested additional information from staff, so the matter has been rescheduled for the first Council meeting in October. Also rescheduled to that meeting is the consideration of a new fee schedule to include the SDC fee updates (if adopted by the city council).
  • Mayor McArdle updated the Council and community on several matters, including that Independence and Monmouth were awarded the Community Leadership award from SEDCOR last week. Council President Morton reminded everyone that the Hop & Heritage Festival is this Saturday, September 16th starting at Noon. Hopefully you can all attend!

To watch the full city council meeting, click here: