Last week, we were visited by Congresswoman Andrea Salinas and her staff for a tour and the delivery of nearly 1.4 million dollars for two critical infrastructure projects in our city: the replacement of a water mainline on Corvallis Road and the Chestnut Street Bridge. The two projects were part of over $14 million Congresswoman Salinas delivered to Oregon’s Sixth District Community Project Funding initiative.

“We are incredibly grateful to Congresswoman Salinas for delivering us these dollars,” said Independence Mayor John McArdle. “These essential infrastructure projects will enhance the livability of our current residents while, quite literally, paving the way for more affordable housing options in our community.”

Congresswoman Salinas secured $880,000 for the construction of the waterline and $500,000 for the design and engineering of the Chestnut Street Bridge. The former will assist the community by improving access to clean drinking water, and the latter will enhance East-West connectivity within the city, allowing for more affordable housing development. Additionally, the replacement and construction of the water main is the first step in our proposed surface water treatment center.

The city of Independence sincerely appreciates the work that went into securing these funds for our city and the relationships we have fostered with Congresswoman Salinas and her staff. We look forward to working together on more projects in the future!