Is Independence unique in its housing shortage?

Ethan Stuckmayer, Senior Housing Planner for the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development, describes the current state of housing in Oregon.

“The City of Independence is not unique in its housing shortage,” says Stuckmayer. “The issue is not the City of Independence, it’s not Polk County, it’s not the Mid-Willamette Valley, it’s not even really the state of Oregon—it’s really a national issue.”

What are your housing needs? This has been the question presented to our community over the past few months through our Housing Needs Analysis survey. With sizable data now obtained, the city’s consultant is now crafting a roadmap to address our community’s housing needs. Additionally, the city will be hosting an open house in early 2023 to garner more community feedback.

We thank everyone who participated in our Housing Needs Analysis and helped us get a better understanding of the housing necessities in our community.