Last month, MI Trolley, the new public transit system serving the communities of Monmouth and Independence, made its debut during a sneak peek event that included Representative Paul Evans, Senator Deb Patterson, Independence Mayor John McArdle, and Monmouth Mayor Cec Koontz.

While serenaded by members of the Western Oregon University marching band, the elected officials traveled from the Oregon State Capitol in Salem to the Independence Heritage Museum and later to Western Oregon University in Monmouth. The trek ended at the City of Monmouth’s public works department where speeches were made, and residents received a first-hand look at the interior and exterior of the new trolley.

Starting from a vision he had as Mayor of the City of Monmouth back in 1999, representative Evans helped secure significant funding for the project through legislative allocation during the American Rescue Plan Act. MI Trolley will be a free public transit service intended to make the cities of Monmouth and Independence safer, more accessible, and altogether more connected.

MI Trolley will begin service in early 2023.