The Polk County Commissioners have chosen MINET as the recipient of a $1.3 million county grant with which MINET will extend its world-class fiber-to-the-home network to rural underserved areas of south Dallas (west of Kings Valley Highway and north of Falls City Highway), Clow Corner & Highway 51, and the town of Rickreall including Polk County Fairgrounds. “This partnership is a direct result of the continued efforts of MINET’s strong leadership team,” said interim General Manager PJ Armstrong. “This brings in yet additional new territory as MINET continues its expansion efforts and genuine concern for its digitally disadvantaged neighbors.

“The goals of MINET and Polk County line up quite well for these projects,” continued Armstrong. “The Polk County Broadband Committee and the Commissioners intend to close the digital divide in the more rural areas of the county.”

When asked why MINET was a good fit for this expansion project, GM Armstrong said, “There is nothing more future proof and ready to meet the rapidly changing demands of the internet than service delivered by fiber to the home. This is what we do best at MINET and Willamette Valley Fiber (MINET’s Dallas branch), and we are excited to have the opportunity to partner with Polk County to positively affect underserved residents in the county.

“We have a nimble, talented, and well-informed staff with a proven track record of successfully managing new construction both inside the Monmouth-Independence city limits and in Dallas. We will be able to leverage parts of our existing infrastructure to integrate with the new areas of construction, and that saves dollars.”

Though government-owned MINET is not a monopoly provider of data. In all their markets the company competes in the intense and sometimes cut-throat environment of the telecommunications industry. Its formidable and earned reputation in legacy M-I and newer Dallas markets serves MINET well. “We are ultra-reliable,” said Armstrong. “We provide the best customer service. Ninety-nine percent of trouble calls are resolved in the same day, often within an hour or two.”

MINET always looks ahead to provide the best for its subscribers. The recent addition of state-of-the-art Mesh Wi-Fi Routers vastly enhanced the quality of service. Few if any other carriers in our territories have the network assets and infrastructure to leverage, for the customer, in such a way as to deliver synchronous gig experience – a broadband experience that is second to none, stated GM Armstrong.