This week, a contractor for the city will begin a full-body meter changeout. The current meters have a life cycle of around 20 years for optimal efficiency, and many of our meters have reached this threshold.

The city has planned a 5-year project to replace all 3/4” meters in residential and commercial buildings. Once all the 3/4” meters have been replaced, we will proceed to replace larger meters in all residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

This week’s meter changeout will affect the area from 3rd to 8th Street and from A Street to the south end of 6th and 7th Streets until we have met our quota for the fiscal year (see map photo).

During this process, each home may experience a brief water outage, lasting up to 10 minutes, unless an unforeseen circumstance arises.

We sincerely appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we conduct this utility upgrade.