Yesterday, we celebrated the planting of a tree in Sunset Meadows Park, a hallmark natural area located in the newest subdivision of our city. Joined by Representative Paul Evans, Mark Cowan from the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department, Tony Feldman from Pacific Power, Scott Altenhoff from the Oregon Department of Forestry, and over 50 other attendees, Mayor John McArdle marked the start of a new era in the park’s life by shoveling the first piles of dirt back into the ground.

Another exciting announcement came when Mayor McArdle revealed that the City of Independence was awarded $75,000 in grant money to build a Nature Play Area at Sunset Meadows Park. This award, along with matching funds, will help us fulfill the vision originally laid out by our residents in our 2015 parks master plan.

The city extends a great thank you to our long-time partners at Pacific Power, who supplied the tree, along with $2000 in donations that will be used to plant additional trees in the park. Three lucky winners also went home with a $100 tree voucher hidden in the gardening gifts given to attendees.

We look forward to seeing the completion of this seminal project in our wonderful city.

For more information, read our press release here:

Tree Planing Ceremony